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Make a Training Stick for $20

The Training Stick in the picture above is the Parelli ‘Carrot Stick’.  A great training tool and very well made, but to some people, a little expensive.  Sharon bought this one when she was involved with a Parelli Study Group a few years back and it has proven to be a worthwhile investment.  If you are unsure if the ‘Carrot Stick” is for you, explore the principles before you purchase by making your own Training Stick for less than $20.


We made two ‘prototypes’ a couple of years back and they must have been good because someone ‘borrowed’ them and forgot to return them.


Here is what you need.

1 x 4 Ft Fiberglass electric fence insulator rod.                         $4.95

Available from stock & feed/farm supply outlets.  We used the white Gallagher brand rods.

1 x Slimline Golf Club rubber grip                                                   $7.95

Available from Golf Shops.  The Slimline grip fitted the Gallagher Rod perfectly.

1 x 6” piece of 1” wide leather                                                               $0.50

We bought an ‘Op Shop’ leather belt


1 x Tube of Selleys Araldite 

(for our friends in the USA, UK or elsewhere, any quick setting 2 part epoxy adhesive from the market or hardware store will do the job)                                                                                           

Whipping/Binding waxed cotton Thread or similar.

(Some people have used fishing line)


Construction is a breeze and should be finished in an hour or so

First put a drop of the Araldite on the rod end and push on the Golf grip.  Stage 1 finished.

Stage 2 involves cutting the 6” piece of leather into a suitable shape.  Check out the pic below as a guideline. 

Experiment with the basic design for the leather flap.  You don’t have to sew the rod ‘pocket’ like on the Carrot Stick, but it is wise to protect or cover the rod end in some manner.  We simply whipped above the rod, then continued whipping down over the leather.


We should explain that ‘whipping’ has nothing to do with black studded leather gear.  It is the practice of using thread or twine to prevent a rope end fraying.  It’s easy to learn and is ideal for this application.


Here is a guide to a simple whipping style.

Suitable Whipping for Training Stick

Glue the leather flap onto the rod.  Some tape wrapped around the leather will hold it in place and shape it to the rod. When the glue has dried, bind or ‘whip’ with your thread.  Then coat the whipping with araldite to waterproof the binding.


And there you have it, a training stick for less than $20.





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