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Lodge Reins & Accessories

The following Reins are our standard designs, all can be modified to suit your individual requirements.   If you or your family have special needs due to any number of reasons,  please email and we will see if there is something we can do to assit.  Below is a pic of Luke, we made some special reins for Luke and they have helped with his riding.  We received this email from Lukes mum.....

You may remember custom making reins for my special needs son and his Shetland.  You made them black with a slightly thinner rope and put coloured "markers" along both sides? Well, I would like you to know that it would have to be the best thing I ever bought!. Instead of trying to get him to "loosen" or "tighten" the rein, I can say "loosen to purple" or "tighten to green" and he knows exactly where his hands should go. He even knows automatically what colour to have his hands on when mounting and asking her off at a walk with out prompting. I can't tell you how huge this is!!  He has even been promoted from his lead line to a more forward moving pony who is 2 hands bigger but the reins have been just as successful on the new pony. Thank you so much!

'Luke's Rein' with markers

Great to see Luke in action.   Luke, have fun and always ride safe mate.......

Lodge Reins & Bit Leathers

These reins are designed for Natural Riding.   !0 Ft  of 1/2" 100% Australian manufactured marine quality double braid rope with back spliced tassels at each end.  The rope used is ideal for Natural Training techniques as it transmits your intention directly to your horses bit.  We use this quality rope for our Lodge Training/Lead Ropes.  The reins are supplied with All Aussie Leather bit straps (slobber straps).  The Bit Leathers are finished with decorative leather latigo lacing.


Price Aud$45.00  Colours: White/red fleck pictured, also available in solid Black, Red, Purple, Blue, Pink, Green, Pink/purple fleck, Black/red fleck, Black/pink fleck,  Black/purple fleck, Black/blue fleck, Beige, Brown,  Beige/Brown zig zag pattern and camo pattern.

Lodge MecateMecate Rein with Leathers

The Lodge  Rein provides the benefits of the Lodge Hackamore while using your favourite bit & bridle.   10 Ft Reins attached to Australian Bit Leathers and a 12 Ft lead rope for your training and riding.  The running end of the mecate is ‘weighted’ with a back splice and finished with a double laced leather latigo flapper.  100% Australian Made 1/2" Double Braid rope.

Price Aud$60.00  Colours:  Solid Black, Red, Purple, Pink, Blue, Hunter Green,  Pink/purple fleck,  White/red fleck, Black/purple fleck,Black/blue fleck, Black/red fleck, Black/pink fleck and our NEW COLOURS : Beige,  Dark Brown, Slate Grey and Beige/Brown zig zag pattern.

We can supply the Mecate Rein only if you wish. This can be tied to a rope halter to make a hackamore or add a new rein to your slobber straps or leather bosal.

Standard Mecate Aud$40.00    Deluxe mecate with leather knot Aud$45.00


Lodge Reins with Clips

A set of reins with all the feel of the Natural Horsemans reins, but with the convenience of Bit Snaps.  We have made these reins for general and sports riding.  Approx 9 Ft in length.


The ultimate in easy care, no saddle soap or leather oils, simply throw in a pillowslip and machine wash.


Price Aud$30.00  Colours:Solid Red, Black, Pink, Purple, Blue, Hunter Green, Black/red fleck, Black/purple fleck, Black/blue fleck, Black/pink fleck, Pink/purple fleck,  White/red fleck, and our NEW COLOURS : Beige, Slate Grey, Dark Brown andBeige/Brown zig zag pattern.

Lodge Western Split Reins

The newest Lodge Rein set. 

7 Ft Western Style Split Reins, 10mm or 12mm  marine double braid rope with eye loops and weighted ends with latigo flappers.


We have recently had the pleasure of meeting Robbie Murray, the author of “The Gentle Art of Horse Breaking”.  Robbie was ‘playing’ with two of our horses and used a set of split reins for a wide range of applications while starting and bitting.   We became enthused by the versatility of her techniques and simple but intelligent approach used by this lovely lady.  We just had to make a set of “Robbie’s” reins which quickly became a standard item around Cypress Lodge. 



Pic shows eye loop attachment on the bottom bit ring.  The top bit ring has a clip added to the rein eye loop.  This is easy for you to do if you so wish.


Price  10mm Aud$35.00  Colours: Black ,  Purple , Pink, Brown or Brow/Beige zig zag.

Price 12mm Aud $42.00 Colours:  Black, Purple, Red, Blue, Pink, Green, Navy blue, White/red fleck,  Pink/purple fleck, Black/blue fleck, Black/purple fleck, Black/red fleck, Black/ pink fleck, Black/ beige fleck, Beige, Brown, Beige/Brown or Pink-Purple zig zag pattern..... now available CAMO (brown, beige, green)



LodgeRopes No Fuss Reins

LodgeRopes No Fuss Reins were made for the rider who wants to easily attach a set of reins to a Rope Halter or Half Bosal. 

The reins are 9 ft long x 10mm marine double braid with eye spliced loops at each end.   The eye splices attach to the Halter/Half Bosal chin loops.  Reins and halter can be left connected, even when machine washing (in a pillow case)

Price: AUD$20.00  Colours: Black , Purple, Pink, Brown.

Custom Modifications: Pleased to make reins up to 10 Ft for the larger horse at no extra charge.  Also, we are pleased to quote on this style of rein in larger diameter 12 or 14mm rope (wide selection of colours)

LodgeRopes Reins with Water Straps


Handmade at the Lodge from ½ inch Aussie Made Double Braid Marine Rope.

LodgeRopes will make the reins in any length up to 10Ft for the same price,   Pic shows a set of 8Ft reins in black/blue fleck with bit attachment options.


This type of rein usually has the rope ends melted, and this is considered good enough as the leather straps hide the ends.  But not good enough for a LodgeRopes rein set, we back splice each end of the double braid rope. Most yacht chandlers charge around $15 for each double braid splice, we do them for a secure finish that ensures years of safe & trouble free use.


The hand cut Aussie Leather Water Straps allow you to directly attach the reins to bit rings or halter loops.  The straps also allow you to add or change bit snaps quickly if required. (snaps not included)


Price:  AUD$40.00

Colours:  Black, Blue, Red, Purple,Pink,  Hunter Green, White/red fleck, Black/red fleck, Black/blue fleck, Black/purple fleck, Black/ pink fleck,Pink/purple fleck, and our NEW COLOURS : Beige, Dark Brown, Slate Grey Beige/Brown zig zag pattern.


LodgeRopes CRT Reins

There are many systems used to train animals, we like the conditioned response system as it can be a gentle way of establishing clear and precise communication.

With horses, we can use this system to influence their minds not force their body to act in a certain preferred manner.  We apply pressure, mentally or physically, and ask for an action.  When the correct response is obtained, we immediately reward the horse by quickly removing all pressure.  A horse quickly learns to associate a cue with a preferred response that always results in a reward.

We had a good look at what rope gear we use and worked out what are the basics to achieve the training goals we set for ourselves.  The equipment list is not extensive; in fact just 3 items can get a horse from starting to bitted bridle in 3 stages using Conditioned Response Training

Stage 1 : Halter & 12ft Leadrope for groundwork to get the horse giving to pressure, move in all 4 directions, go & whoa and do it all on cue and as soft as we can get it. (check out our other auctions for good halters & leads)

Stage2: CRT Reins with snaps and leather straps removed, this rein is attached to the rope halters chin loops to form a No Fuss Hackamore used to take the groundwork into the saddle.  The 12ft lead can be also attached for this stage if you like the functional aspects of the traditional 22ft mecate rein. The spliced eye loops add enough weight at the halters fiador knot to have the halter hang in a pressure neutral position, ideal for a riding hackamore.  This stage is used to sort out any problems with cue/response association established in stage 1.  It is often necessary to go back and reinforce lessons taught in stage 1 to get smooth soft responses in the saddle. This is not failure but a self-assessment of the horse’s suitability to move on in the training.  It also helps you to access your training techniques and become a better horseperson.

Stage 3: CRT Reins with snaps & leathers attached to bit rings in a full bridle.   Regardless of how you intend to ride your horse, it is always good for a horse to be fully experienced and soft on a bit.  A horse that is well mannered and performs well is a joy to ride and will always have a better chance of being placed into a good home if your circumstances change and you need to place your best friend elsewhere.

The LodgeRopes CRT Reins have been designed to give clear signals every time you pick up on the rein.  This gives the horse a chance to get emotionally and physically ready for the forthcoming cue that will request some type of change.  The rein was made to comply with the basic principle of applying pressure slowly but release it quickly.

The CRT Rein is 9ft of Aussie Made ½” Marine Double Braid Rope with class 1 eye spliced loops at each end.  ½” latigo straps with brass buckles link the rein to the brass side lever trigger bit snaps.  We deliberately went for this configuration so snaps & straps can be removed or replaced anytime.  More importantly, we found this lighter version of the traditional slobber strap to be more responsive.  Before you email saying that your horse would need thicker stronger leather straps, we designed these reins as a part of a 3 stage training system, hopefully any problems with a horse wanting to have a tug of war with you will have been addressed in stage 1 & 2, if not…. that is a clear indication that your horse has missed something in the previous stages and this a great chance for you to work on a specific aspect of the training.


Leather Accessories

Lodge Ropes do make some leather items to use with our range of rope gear.  We dont claim to be leather  artisans, our  leather work tends to be basic but designed to be tough and reliable.  We can always do something a little special to customize your leather item, just email and we will see what we can do.

Bit Leathers / Slobber Straps.  Laced or unlaced,  we lace our own slobber straps so if we remove the rope rein, the leathers stay attached to the bit.  We got tired of looking all over the tack room for a missing leather $20.00 pair

Stamped Bit Leathers, done as custom work and limited designs but we can usually offer a one of special if anyone would like to personalize their slobbers $25.00 pair

Western Chin Strap for snaffle bits.  Custom made to bit bar length of in standard pony, cob, full sizing. $10.00

English Chin Straps with buckles $13.00

CRT Rein Straps with brass trigger snaps $20.00 pair

Rein Stops,  competition riders have asked us to add them to reins,  so dont ever say we are not $5.00 pair





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