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Lodge Links ~ Horse Web Sites of Interest 

Here at LodgeRopes we do things a little different, some say we do everything a little different, so in line with this unwritten policy we would like to recommend the following makers of Natural Horsemanship equipment.. Some may ask, why direct potential customers to other online sellers? The answer is simple, each one of these sites offer much more than just ropes & halters.   These selected sites offer the most important requirements for successful Natural Training……………information, experience & knowledge.

Visit the sites of these Halter Makers with confidence  Johnette, now located in Utah, makes hard wearing rope equipment that can be custom made to suit your needs. Check out the  patriotic halter/lead set on her website.  Wonderful custom work that is more like a work of art, but is still tough enough for everyday use around the barn.  If you want a standard halter & lead or would like something really special, visit Johnny's website or email her at .   Linda & Kevin are making Natural Horsemanship equipment in Canada.  For any of our online visitors from Canada, beat the import tariff and buy locally.  We have sold a lot of gear into Canada, thank you very much, but an import tariff seems to be applied have a look at this site before the next snowfall.


Sites of Interest.   John O’leary has established one of the few “must visit” horse sites in Australia.  This website has something for everyone, natural horsemanship, equipment, training, riding, solutions to specific problems and even info on how to build an all weather ménage on the cheap.

 John has the most interesting page explaining natural horsemanship from an experienced  horsemans point of view. 

Click on the link and visit

Need stud, team or business promotional items?

We went to Selina at SS Embroidery & Digitizing for our LodgeRopes caps, and were we impressed :0)  Selina has this U beaut setup that can digitally reproduce your logo or whatever and embroid it onto shirts or caps.  Selina has also done some beautiful trohpy rugs.  Check out her work, click on this link 

Selina is a genuine horsewoman who understands that your business, team or stud deserves professional service in all areas.  
This is one of our favourite sites in Europe, Claudia has this site dedicated to Western riding, especially Bosal techniques.  Great Info, great pics and a wonderful horsewoman.  If you are in the Netherlands and need some help or wish to explore these techniques, contact Claudia  via the website.  The site is translated into english and is well worth a quick visit online, our first quick visit lasted an hour as there was so much good info and great images.

Anyone need replacement clipper blades, repairs or blades sharpenend??? 

This guy is the only contact you need!  Colin can help out with most brands and is an Oster repair center.  Colin has same day turn around on blades, offers discounted prices on new replacement blades and is a great guy to deal with online. 

Email  anytime with questions or for quotes on parts and service.  Streamsong Appaloosa Horses & Books.  Bill and Janet Sager are located in the Bitterroot Valley, western Montana, USA.  They specialize in hard to find and out of print books, a goldmine of info on the Appaloosa horse.   Friendly, helpful and really quick shipping to Australia.  If you have a spotted friend in your life (as we do), click on the link and visit with Bill & Janet.   Brumby Watch Australia is a non-profit organisation dedicated to saving an Australian icon, the brumby.  Click on link for more info on the group, its adoption program and brumby news.   Foundation Horsemanship, Ballarat Area.  Ross Coventry offers Training & Lessons based on the methods & principles of John Lyons (at the most reasonable rates we’ve seen).

Ross’ site also offers assistance relating to developing & maintaining an online equine business  This link will take you to the Australian site for Treeless Saddles.  Imported German "Barefoot" treeless saddles are designed by Sabine Ullmann, renown equine therapist.   We have had an interest in these types of saddles for a while now but the import prices were out of the question, so it is great to have a local contact for info and advice and best of all, reasonable pricing.  The Therapuetic Saddle pads may be of special interest to sports riders.  Visit the site and email Natalie with any questions or for more info.  

Going treeless may be the way to address problems with fit, comfort and free movement.  All Things Equestrian, online auctions


www.cedarspringshorses  “A kind hand and a warm heart gives many horses a second chance at life”

Please visit this site and see what a difference caring people can make to an animals existence.  Standardbred Rescue, Rehabilitation & Retraining.  Backed riding horses are available for sale and any profits go to ensure the slaughterhouses do not get all of the racing industries unwanted..  Interested in finding out more about minis?  This link will put you in contact with people experienced in the care, training and breeding of miniatures.


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