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The Ezi-Ty  is on of those things we made for our own use, then forgot about it.  We have a couple in our horse float, a friend asked us to make some for use at the pony club.  Then someone saw them and wanted a couple for their wash bay area…and so it went.

The design is simple, a nickel plated Panic Snap (one handed quick release) at one end of 36” of ½” marine Double Braid rope with a class 1 eye splice loop at the other end. 

The design is reversible…you can loop the rope around a rail or post, as in the pic, and use the panic snap attached to a halter OR attach the eye spliced loop to the horses halter and attach the panic snap to a ring or tie mount in a trailer or float. 


The ½” quality marine double braid is tough & strong, UV resistant, low stretch and has a smooth outer braided cover. 


We can custom make your new Ezi-Ty in any of the rope colours we have in stock.

Black, Brown, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Red, Beige, Grey, White/blue flk, White/red flk, Black/red flk, Black/blue flk, Black/pink flk, Black/beige flk, Black/purple, Pink/purple, Brown/Beige zig zag.

Price AUD$14.00 ea.

 Please Note, some riders have emailed and asked if the ezi-ty can used for teaching a horse not to pull back.  We strongly suggest that using the ty for this application could result in either a broken ezi-ty or horse.  A horse not tying or pulling are training issues that need to be addressed with specific techniques that address a horses response to pressure, not a bigger rope.  The ezi-ty is a short lead with a quick release panic snap for convenience and safety

Email anytime if you have any questions or need more info.


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